The owner and administrator of the online shop is: F.H. LENART Tomasz Lenart,
95-015 Głowno, ul. Wojska Polskiego 8, tel. 609 310 730.

The protection of privacy in the Internet is a matter we take very seriously. That is why we guarantee protection of your data which is collected during using the webpage, especially this collected during placing orders and creating user accounts.

We respect privacy of every person who visits  our websites. Any collected information that contains your data will be used to perform service, which you ordered, and to enhance quality of our services. The abovementioned aims are fulfilled through adequate usage and protection of information.

What information do we collect and for what purposes?

IP Address
Information retrieved due to general rules of creating connections in the Internet, such as IP address (and other data included in the system logs) is used by the website administrator for technical purposes. IP addresses can be also used for statistical purposes to collect general demographic data (for example about a region, from which a connection is made).

In the website we use cookies to adapt our page to your individual needs. Giving your consent, you agree to data that you entered being saved. When you visit the website again, you will not need to enter it again. This data will be saved as cookies. It means that your computer will remember it, but it will make it accessible only when you visit the page. Owners of other websites will not have access to this data. If you have problems with using our page or you do not agree to the website being personalized, we recommend that you turn off cookies in your browser?s options. You need to remember though that correct functionality of user accounts is dependent on cookies and without them functionality of accounts may be limited.

Protection of personal data
Protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to us and we do not allow third parties to have access to it.
You need to enter your data in following cases:
When you create an account, you will be asked to enter your personal data (surname, name of a company or VAT identification number, teleaddress data, telephone and e-mail). Data collected in this way is used only to perform a transaction in a correct manner and to deliver ordered products to a given address. We store your data in our database to facilitate your future transactions in our online shop. Data regarding financial settlements such as value and subject of order and confidential data regarding your credit card will not be saved.
In order to inform you about our latest products, we offer an automatic delivery of information about new releases. In a similar way we will inform you about special events and offers. If you do not agree to receive such messages, resign from this option during placing an order in the website. When you create an account in the online shop, you will be asked to enter your personal data (surname, name of a company or VAT identification number, teleaddress data, telephone and e-mail). We store your data in our database to facilitate your future transactions in our online shop.

Third parties will not have any access to your data entered during registration. offers also an option to inform users about new products on our website. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act of personal data protection, dated 29 of August 1997, Journal of Laws [Dz.U] No. 133, item 883 as amended, you have the right to access your data and to correct, complement, update, rectify it as well as to demand to remove it.

cookie ?  a small amount of information that is saved by a server on a user?s computer in form of cookie.txt file, which a server can access during next connection made from the same computer.

system log ? information sent to a server by a user?s computer during every connection. It may contain different data (for example IP address), which makes it possible to establish, in more or less exact terms, a place from where a connection with the website was made.

IP address ? an individual number possessed by every computer which is connected to the Internet. IP number can be attached to a given computer permanently (static IP) or, in case of modem connection, IP number is attached  to a computer only for one given connection (dynamic IP).

Practical tips
If you share one computer with other people, after finishing using the website you should log out so nobody can overlook or modify your information.
Data entered during placing an order is known only by you and We guarantee that we will not disclose it to anyone and you should also be careful when disclosing it to third parties.